Conveyancing &
Property Law

Conveyancing & Property Law

We can assist with a range of conveyancing transactions and property law matters.


Conveyancing is the process of transferring the legal title of property from one party to another. Buying and selling real estate can be a stressful experience – the process generally moves quickly however there are several steps that must be considered during the transaction. Retaining a competent professional to assist you with the sale or purchase of property can make all the difference.

When purchasing residential property, you need to know exactly what you are buying. Due diligence involves various investigations to ensure that the property can be used as intended, there are no adverse affectations impacting the property, the effect of easements or other restrictions are understood, and that structures are compliant. In addition, pest and building reports can help flag potential issues with the property and may be grounds for negotiating a lower purchase price.

If you are buying property, we can assist with the entire process – from explaining the contract for sale, recommending searches and enquiries to protect your interests, negotiating conditions, and settling your purchase.

A written contract must be in place when selling residential property. The contract must contain certain disclosure documents such as a title search, plan of the land, drainage diagram and local council planning certificate. Vendors must also provide certain warranties about the property they are selling. We can discuss your circumstances to draft a compliant contract for sale that is specific to your property and tailored to your needs.

Property Development

If you are developing property, properly drafted contracts are essential to ensure that the project goes smoothly. This can be complicated, keeping in mind the different skillsets and parties that you will need to engage with to complete a development. Careful planning and advice at the outset can prevent costly disputes in the future. If you need some advice on a proposed development, and the various agreements you may need to have in place, speak with one of our experienced team.

Commercial Property

In addition to assisting with aspects of property development and commercial leases, we can also assist with sales and acquisitions of commercial property, as well as refinancing. We regularly deal with financial institutions, government departments, and companies to assist our clients with all aspects of commercial property transactions.

Commercial Leasing

If you own commercial real estate and lease it out, a properly drafted lease is essential to protect your property. Similarly, if you are looking to lease a commercial space, it is important to have the proposed lease reviewed by a competent professional, so you know exactly what you are signing up for.

A commercial lease governs the relationship between a landlord (lessor) and tenant (lessee) regarding the lessee’s right to occupy premises for its business. A leasing arrangement is a valuable commodity for both the lessor (whose investment in the commercial premises must be adequately protected) and the lessee (who relies on reasonable terms and security of location for its business operations).

Leasing disputes typically occur because of ambiguous lease provisions or agreements that do not sufficiently cover the various matters that can arise during the leasing arrangement. Alternatively, the parties may not properly understand their respective rights and responsibilities under the lease. Although a standard commercial lease provides a good starting point, it is rare that it will cover all contingencies relevant to the arrangements. Lessors and lessees should obtain appropriate advice to ensure their negotiations are properly reflected in a binding lease agreement, and that the provisions comply with any relevant legislation, such as retail leasing laws.

  • the powers of environmental authorities and other public agencies under environmental legislation

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